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Norman Marshall Villeneuve Drum Scholarship

The Norman Marshall Villeneuve Drum Scholarship is awarded to a second or third year college or university music student with high academic standing, musicianship, leadership and a passion for jazz. Preference will be given to drum and percussion students. 

The Scholarship was established in 2012 as an incentive to support and inspire music students and to let them know Norman believes in them and the future of jazz in Canada. 

"I encourage other senior musicians to contact their local colleges and universities to establish scholarships, awards and incentives, and inspire others by your leadership example. So many students need our help and to know our jazz community is about love and giving. I am proud of past recipients - from Humber College and Concordia University. Thank you to all the teachers and administrators who make the impossible possible each day. To the students - keep it up! 

It’s the gift that keeps on giving - laying it down for the future. I am very proud of these talented young men and women who have received my scholarship: 2013 Matthew Chalmers, Humber College; 2014 Pat Daniher, Humber College; 2015 Colin Adhikary, Humber College; 2016 Anuschka Wright, Concordia University; 2017 Stratsimir Dimitrov, Concordia University, 

If you wish to make a gift to my Scholarship, either through me or through Concordia University or Humber College (for the benefit of a tax receipt), please contact me."

Concordia University video Giving back to students keeps Montreal drumming legend upbeat

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Throughout his long career, Norman has hired many young musicians to join his bandstand. One musician said, "When I was in college, the word was that if you got the call from Norm, you knew you were doing okay... everyone waited to get that call; it didn't matter where or how much. You went. But, if you didn't hear back, you knew you had work to do. It was a right  of passage." Dr. Oliver Jones said, "I don't know any other musician who has done as much to bring along young talent as Norman. He is a force of nature." Norm provided his trademark start by giving performance opportunities to musicians Robi Botos, Dave Restivo, Grant Stewart, Joe Allen, Mike Downes and Ken Fornetran, now legends of jazz in their own right.

Norm continues to hire new talent and work with educators and community centres, giving talks about jazz and his career. CBC Radio and other stations have invited him to share his experiences, and he participates in fundraisers for church and charity.

Norman Marshall Villeneuve Archive at Concordia University 

Jazz is Norman's life - a very deep passion since the age of 7 -- farther in fact, as remembered by childhood friends. Irving Livingston,  who played for the Calgary Stampeders, Montreal Alouettes, and BC Lions, educator and scholar said, "Norm lived across the street. He always had sticks in his hand, even from age 5, tapping rhythms on everything that didn't move. You never knew who would grow up to be an educator, a lawyer, a doctor..... but everyone knew - without no doubt - that Norm would be a drummer."  Norm not only loves his music, he loves his friends, many of whom were musicians. Throughout his career Norm gathered a significant personal collection of photos, recordings, albums, books, newspaper clippings, reviews and posters, the entirety of which will be a valuable addition to the Special Collections Archive, Concordia University, Loyola Campus in Montreal. The Collection will be much valued by musicians, historians and lovers of jazz.