Montreal Sessions

Norman Marshall Villeneuve

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“Montreal Sessions” is a historic compilation of 60s and 70s jazz derived from reel-to-reel tapes from the personal collection of Norman Marshall Villeneuve. Featuring the only commercially released music from Rockhead's Paradise and the Black Bottom. The tracks feature Charlie Biddle, Nelson Symonds, Nick Aldrich, Alvin Pall, Alan Wellman, Linton Garner, Buddy Jones, Bernie Mackey, Ivan Symonds and Norman Marshall Villeneuve. Tracks 1,3,4 were recorded by Norman during his live performance at Rockhead's Paradise. Track 2 was recorded by Norman during his live performance at the Black Bottom. Tracks 5,6,7 were recorded at SSS Studios with Nelson Symonds, Charlie Biddle and Norman Marshall Villeneuve. The music evokes another time and place -- the elegant, smoky, crowded clubs of yesterday where jazz was intimate and personal.

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